An Essay on Social Networking Revolutions

A tenable argument has emerged on the role of social networking in the political landscape following the recent Arab Spring that saw the purge of dictators in North Africa and the Middle East. Opponents of this line of thinking have questioned the place of social media in the upheavals citing politics and dilapidated economies as the powerhouse behind these revolutions (Howard, Philip N, and Muzammil M. Hussain, 2013).
The lion’s share of the Arab population consists of a youthful segment below the age of thirty years, well-educated than previous generations and battered by the turbulent waves of unemployment and inflation. A vast majority owns a Smartphone while they are habituated with the SOCIAL NETWORKING AND KEEPING IN TOUCH across a wide range of platforms where information moves with supersonic speed. The young people growing up in Arabic countries between 1988 and 2011 have sparked widespread unemployment due to limited opportunities and inundation of the labor market. Essay Writing Services In accordance with Clicks, Cabs and Houses, 2012, Egypt alone has approximately 5 million users on Facebook (Ghonim, Wael, 2012), amounting to 22% of all social media network users in the Arabic countries. Young people dominate being more than 70% of the entire populations. Facebook comes second as the most used website in Egypt while Google tops the list and social media leading as the tool of dissemination edging out newspapers (Ghonim, Wael., 2012). In line with a seminal report by the Dubai School of Government plumbing the depths of the social media in the Arab region noted a quantum leap, 11.9 million users in early 2009 and 21.3 million in the next year. The sharp increase in the region alone added a whacking 30% in by 2011.

Social Share and Care in Social Networking

YouTube has equally made inroads in Social Networking as it’s the fourth site habitually visited by Egyptian youth. Between 150,000 and 200,000 videos from Egypt were loaded on the giant platform every day in 2008 (Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center, 2010).
(Banerjee, Santo, Sefika S. Ercetin, and Ali Tekin, 2014) has observed that the internet spices up human communications by rendering the much-needed accuracy and reliability. It also broadens the horizons of exploitable opportunities for users spurred by the proliferation of multimedia content; video live chatting and conferencing as well as pathways that resemble oral communication. Gilder (1990) had earlier projected earth-shaking impacts after the inception of the internet and globalization.
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In accordance with the scholar, the internet has served in uprooting oligarchies, behemoth monopolies, legal classes and driving forces in many societies. The open-book government proposed by Dunleavy and Weir (1998) could open a new chapter of digital democracy. The internet boasts potential to enhance government accessibility and entrench the doctrines of the sovereignty of the people through electioneering and representation.

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