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How to Start a College Essay Perfectly?

Writing an essay for college admission is an important part of the university admission process usually required by university officials to all student applicants. A college essay, also known as application essay, is an informal essay submitted by students applying to some graduate school, universities, and colleges. The application essay is intended as an opportunity that allows students to describe themselves particularly on personal views or long-term goals through essay writing.

To begin an interesting essay, the writer should create a logical flow of thoughts from the essay introduction, succeeding paragraphs, and conclusion. Students can use a conversational tone in order to express themselves freely while making their essays more engaging to the reader. More importantly, the applicants must be able to describe their unique abilities or personal experiences whether impressive or controversial.

Key consideration on what Role does the Introduction Play in a College Essay

Completing a college admission essay often provides university officials a clearer picture of the student’s overall personality beyond entrance test scores, grades, and extracurricular activities in the past. However, a lot of students struggle to get their college essays started especially on writing the introduction. The students should consider the importance of what role does the introduction play in a college essay.

Here are the reasons why using introductory paragraphs are valuable:
• An introduction displays the applicant’s personal ideas or opinions regarding trending news and current affairs.
• The introduction gives an initial impression on what college officials will expect over the next paragraph.
• The applicant’s overall contribution to the campus development written in few sentences also explains what role does the introduction play in a college essay.

Easy ways on How to Write a College Essay Introduction

An essay introduction appears to be a single paragraph but it carries weight and importance. The purpose of the introduction is intended to draw the attention of the reader, to persuade the reader that the essay is written well, and to provide a short preview of what is inside the paper.

Catching the reader’s interest is also important on how to write a college essay introduction. The first few sentences must capture the imagination of the readers to compel them in reading the whole paper. There are some few simple steps students can apply on how to write a college essay

introduction effectively:
• Create an attention-grabbing sentence but subtle
• Make the essay outline as part of the introductory paragraph
• Create some few sentences that demonstrate general ideas of the next paragraphs
• Avoiding long sentences, phrases, and redundant words are helpful on how to write a college essay introduction.

Simple techniques on how to write the First Section of the Essay

The first paragraph seems to be a difficult part for many students when starting an essay. Although the introductory paragraph can be constructed according to specific genres, you may observe these basic techniques on how to write the first section of the essay:
• Introduce an interesting topic and briefly explains its benefits or importance
• Provide clear boundaries on what readers will expect from your paper
• Provide key sentences summarizing the whole essay as part of the process on how to write the first section of the essay.
• As much as possible, limit your word count between 60 and 120 words.

University officials focus not only on the details of the application essay but also how the applicant writes the paper in general. Although the majority of the writer’s ideas concentrate in the middle sections, creating a lasting impression is crucial on how to write the first section of the essay.

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